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STARS Pediatric Therapy was co-founded by Kristie Pekar-Rohrer and Valerie Kerr-Lapana on the premise of providing therapeutic services to children outside of their home and school. Their careers have been spent primarily working with younger children who were exhibiting developmental delay in their home setting. Many relationships have been formed over the years, and both have partnered with families, by assisting them with skills needed to maximize their child’s development.
Kristie and Valerie often hear from families who are seeking outpatient services such as Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy to help their child grow and develop. They are proud to be able to offer families these services through STARS Pediatric Therapy and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into the STARS Family.

Our Founders

Kristie Pekar-Rohrer
Kristie Pekar-RohrerCo-Founder/Owner
Valerie Kerr-Lapana
Valerie Kerr-LapanaCo-Founder/Owner, Speech Language Pathologist

Our Support Staff

Danelle Mahokey
Danelle MahokeyCoordinator of Pediatric Programs

Our Therapists

Jenna Gillin
Jenna GillinOccupational Therapist
Audra Levicky
Audra LevickyPhysical Therapist
Ashley Poland
Ashley PolandPhysical Therapist
Meagan Seaton
Meagan SeatonOccupational Therapist
Rachel Yoder
Rachel YoderSpeech Language Pathologist

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